Energy efficiency at The Trails
The houses at The Trails have initially been designed as a Step 2. Recently one of our homes was tested on efficiency and it came through at a Step 4 Energy Efficiency! This could only have been achieved by the great team at The Trails, with the help of all of our trades, but especially from our insulators.


The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial standard designed to “step up” the performance of new buildings to the net-zero energy ready level that must be achieved by 2032. 


The higher the "step", the more efficient the homes will be:

- Step 3 means that new homes need to be 20% more energy efficient, required by the BC Building Code in 2022

- Step 4 new homes must be 40% more energy efficient, required by the BC Building Code in 2027

- Step 5 (Net-zero energy ready) means 80% more energy efficient, required by the BC Building Code in 2032



After settling into our new home, just a few short months ago, we wanted to take this time to tell you how much we are loving and enjoying our home.  We really appreciate the quality, workmanship and service.  We marvel everyday at the magnificent views.  This is by far the best home we have ever lived in!  The neighborhood is tranquil, quiet and filled with wonderful neighbors. Thank you for a great development!

Troy and Sue Adams

We love our new home: its modern style is super attractive and the views are amazing! Kathy, the rep for the builder has been very helpful - answering questions we have and dealing with some matters we've encountered. We're looking forward to next spring when we will be able to have the huge back yard landscaped!

Linda Wiegers and Bruce Dunlop


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